Why Talk About Vibrations?

May 30, 2015

     Why does the talk about "vibration" come into everyone's blogs now? The talk about how we are nothing but vibration when, quite frankly, you can't see it. You can't feel it, unless you try, and why the talk about Chakras? 

Well we've heard the term, we are soul with a body attached, but we've been told we are a body with a soul inside, and as we die, the soul leaves and there we are. I believe this is either a misinterpretation of the fact, whether because the people saying this don't really know, or they are trying to lie to you. If it is a lie, they are trying to perpetuate the myth that when you die, your soul leaves and you are left alone, at the will of God to do with your body that anyone wants. We seem to stay with this myth that we are going to look the same when we leave our body and move on. More myth.

  The Druids had a story and a representation for the story, told again in parables, but just the same, the tree of life is in every known culture, except maybe Christianity. They kind of like to make up their stuff as they go, with no basis other than , " I told you and if you don't believe me, you're not believing in God's word and you'll go to hell". So, we'll look at other things and talk about the tree of life. Many people look at it as a tree, some draw it out, but if you go to the ancient Celts, they looked at the Oak tree to represent life. The story goes a lot like this.

   If you've seen an acorn, there is no roots, or branches, nor leaves, yet it is life. Planted, it starts to grow. Now, by believing in this acorn being attached to the Divine Spirit, or presence, it would be able to take root, and grow. Imagine it starting to grow, it's little root digging it's way into the fertile and loving Spirit, it's trunk stretching up to the light and maybe a little bit of a leaf. On goes the little tree. Now, let's say that that little sprig is your soul, just starting. Maybe in 3D Earth,, you are a mineral. 

   In Druidry it is said, 
" I was a mineral and I died
  I was a plant, and I died
   I was an animal and I died.

  Why should I fear death, as each time that I've died, I've come back as something better.

  So, as a mineral, your leaf drops off, and when it comes back on the next time, your roots are a little longer and deeper imbedded, your bark is a little thicker, your trunk is a little higher, and you have more leaves. You are something else, but you are back. You can't remember your life as a mineral, yet your soul retains all. As each time your leaves wither and die, your roots grow longer, and deeper imbedded in the Divine, and your trunk gets larger and stronger, you get more leaves, and you start to propagate with acorns. All in the way of life, just your soul spirit.

   This is why you don't remember your last life, yet you've learned new things and your soul keeps the memories in you dna. This is why you tend to come back each time with people that you've been around in your past lives, or even are your own grandparent. Your body doesn't really die, it does nothing but fall away from the tree and become the life sustenance of the spirit and your soul. Just like leaves of trees do here. 

   So, when you die, as in your body, YOU do not die, just the leaves of a tree, and we are all vibrations. We vibrate through everything in the Universe, and our soul continues on, with it


But Michael has forgotten something.

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June 23, 2014
I have spent many years on the inside of the outside. At 13 I was writing natal astrology charts for my seventh grade classmates. At 15 I was absorbed in God and Jesus to the point of being ministerial. At 18 I was crushing Devil's Food cake on the floor. At 23 I was studying Atlantis and the stories for 14 years. Rosicrucians, and study. Shamanism, and study, Druidry, and study. Years I have spent, in study.

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January 30, 2014
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New Age Old Age Druidry

August 9, 2013
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What's wrong with your soul path?

February 7, 2013
Our soul path is pretty amazing. It starts long before this life, and advances over many lifetimes. In the book, " Conversations With God ", the writer asks "God", how many times has he reincarnated. "God" says that it's not really reincarnation as your soul path stays in tact, it's the leaves, or our bodies, that die and fall away, and just like a tree, the next time you get more bark, more leaves, and maybe some more acorns to propagate the species.

As we pick our next life, we pick the time...
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