I have spent many years on the inside of the outside. At 13 I was writing natal astrology charts for my seventh grade classmates. At 15 I was absorbed in God and Jesus to the point of being ministerial. At 18 I was crushing Devil's Food cake on the floor. At 23 I was studying Atlantis and the stories for 14 years. Rosicrucians, and study. Shamanism, and study, Druidry, and study. Years I have spent, in study.

The past few years I've known I was a Druid because the tree told me. Why should a tree tell you what you are, I'm guessing it's the Universe's way of pointing you in a direction. But as I read all the Druidry books, none really rang true with what I knew. It seemed like the only time anything was correct was when a psychic decided she would channel Merlin for me. Ok, so I went along with it, but what came was amazing, and the next three weeks even more amazing. 3 pages of notes for me to follow, including this organization and the writing of the website. Write a book it said, put religion together, closer to Christianity for the Pagans, and bring the Christians along. All together, as one, as we all were before.

Well I've had glimpses of things that float around in my mind, then visions, then just flat knowing things. Reading the book "Jesus the Master Builder and the Druid Mysteries" by Gordon Strachan was one of the most stunning books that I have read. It is amazing how you can read it, and even though he doesn't come right out and say it, it is so on point that as you read the Bible after reading his book, you see it. It is all before your eyes.

Now I've spent a lot of years in the "Pagan" philosophy of religion. It seems that it has come to us versus them all over again. The Pagans want to bash Christians as much as Christians want to bash Pagans. You should think this way, you should think that. Merry Christmas is not tolerated by Pagans as much as Yule is the Reason for the Season is not tolerated by Christians. By and large, the Christians have not read their Bibles, and as I've seen lately in social media, Christians have forgotten to emulate Jesus, and have become the judges of society. I don't know about them, but it seems that the Bible lays it out very easily. Matthew 7: 1"Do not judge so that you will not be judged. 2"For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. 3"Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?…

So jab one at the Christians using their own "sword". I learned when I was 15 that if you took the Christian's "sword" away, they had nothing to fight with. Well with my new insight into the Bible, it seems they have no clue, and when told about their misfortune, they only want to fight about it and blame it on the Devil. He sent me with my forked tounge to twist the Bible around and make it mean what I want it to mean. Actually, I think they either need to learn to read, or quit using it as a shield. Christianity is about living as Jesus did, not in interpreting a book.

So most of the Pagans are mad that their childhood was forced upon them by mothers that made them go to church. The folks say they didn't believe, until they started reading Wiccan literature that would make them believe there was a male and a female god and goddess, which makes more sense than than the all male trilogy in Christianity. My take on most Wiccan folk is they are reformed Catholics, but now they get to play with the toys on the altar, instead of watching a priest do it. The Pagans decided to have their own pantheon, and when talking to witches, they are always studying their pantheons. I'm not sure why studying gods and goddesses of times before the dawn of time are that important, but in the whole, between the Christians and the Muslims, and the Pagans, Witches, Asatru, Celtic Reconstructionist, and yes, even Druids, they don't spend enough time on figuring out what is really going on. Then of course, there is the mutual beat up on the other religion, witch wars, fighting, and learning crap.

As I picked Druidry, I embarked upon something, basically because a tree told me to Google "celtic shamanism". Ok i thought, and I'd been studying Shamanism for some 14 years off and on. This was my spiritual path. I looked through groups like the large, OBOD, and ADF, and RDNA, and AODA, but nothing really caught what I was looking for until I got to the Druids of Albion. A small group in Scotland that seems to get larger each year. Yes someone else was in charge at the time, but when you look at what they are about, it makes even more sense to me with the Divine Order of Druids.

The basis of the Druids of Albion is that the order believes in a Divine Spirit, one with everything, and Spirits of Place. This is when you walk into a stream and you feel a Divine presence there, or another room. The feeling you get when you are someplace spiritual, this is the Spirit of Place. They also walk hand in hand with old Christianity. Not quite like ours where we actually believe the story of Jesus is a Druidic tale, to teach one how to live, but to walk hand in hand with it.

When I was being told a few years later by Merlin, show the two are not so far apart. Get Christians closer to Druidry, and neo Pagans closer to Christianity. We walk hand in hand on this planet, we should not be so far apart. Each of the Pagan traditions is just that, a tradition, and when we put them all together, which one is right?

In Druidry, we are the religion. When a person goes to a Druid grove or church, they are not Druids, they are human beings, walking a Druid path. Druids are taught to be the religion and it takes many a year to do that. We will not change our names or our religion to fit a nice new name so that you can use it. Use human being, that's what our people do. They are human beings and a Druid or Druidess is the one that leads them to where they need to go.