If you've never felt energy at work, it is extremely strange and can have a deep and long lasting effect upon your soul. In my shoppe one day, there entered a lady. A young comely woman, with her hair pulled back, no makeup, jeans and a coat as it was fairly cold in February. Just the fact that she entered the shoppe and started looking in the book section gave time for me to finish what I was doing at the counter.

After a few moments, as I tend to do to allow people to shop before trying to help them, I asked if there was anything I could help her with. She said she was looking for a good book on Wicca and then told me that she had driven 2 1/2 hours to get there.  Feeling that if she could drive that distance, I could get up and help her, so I went out onto the floor.

I didn't get really close to her at first, and basically hadn't noticed her much and actually told people later that I wouldn't have been able to pick her out of a lineup after she left the store. I went through the "here's a good book, this is popular, this is a good author", then hit upon one of my favorite books, "Grimoire of The Apprentice Wizard" by Oberon Zell Ravenheart and the Grey Council of Witches. I like this book because it is pretty non-denominational and teaches Magick, not religion.

In a certain section of the book is a computer generated picture, where if you look at it correctly, or "with Wizard's eyes", you can see a 3 D goblet floating inside. Wonderful graphics these things, but unfortunately, you have to be able to see more than just what is in front of you to "get" it.

I proceeded to show her the picture and put it up close to her face when what felt like a medicine ball, hit me in my solar plexus and knocked me backwards, stumbling and almost falling over. This was one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me in my life. This feeling in my body, and her standing there like nothing happened.

She said that she didn't see the goblet, so I told her that you have to really put it up to your nose so that you can pull it back and let your eyes focus to see it. So, I braced myself, ever so gracelessly, with my knees bent, and my body braced for the same feeling, and put the book up to her nose. I felt at that time like somebody had just shot a huge missile into my back, and could hear the swishing of air and my whole solar plexus region felt like it was being sucked out of my body, I couldn't breathe, I didn't feel anything, my mind was going blank and I was seeing as if someone had just taken a bag of flour and thrown it into the air.

I backed up from this person, startled, amazed, not knowing what to feel, and started up to my desk, just to have the cabinet between us. The voice in my head yelled, "get her chart, get her chart", so I asked her for her birth chart, day, time and location, not really knowing why. She paid for her books that she chose as we talked a bit about Druidry, and she picked one, and then left the shoppe, driving another 2 1/2 hours home.

What this did to me has had the strangest effect on my life. It seemed as if I was brought into another phase of my life where things that I had been working on, just started to come natural. I knew things before they happened, I knew instantly things about this person. I knew that something had happened to me that would never change, and I knew it would never go back.

What is the life energy that we emit when we are in close proximity of others? Do other people feel it. Many people today say that the basic American person likes their "space", no one to touch them, or anything of theirs. Why do we like our space so much in America where we have 1500 square foot homes with two people living in them. Why do other cultures get a large house and have whole families living in it, and they get along great.

But what about this girl and her energy? Why did it have so much effect on me and alter the way I think about what I'm doing and alter the way I thought about her?

This would seem strange that a random person, walking into a shoppe, not dressed for anything other than a long drive to somewhere where nobody would know her, would have such an effect on someone that had not even noticed her when she walked into the door, or even stood there for a while, before even being engaged into a conversation.

Later in our relationship, this woman would be found to be a soul mate if you will. Someone that, when a past life regression was done, was actually my wife in our past life. This energy was our souls meeting, even though she, in her present form may have not wanted to feel it because of past lives, it had a devastaing effect upon me.

It is said that many of the things that happen to you in a past life carries with you. Sometimes it is said that part of who you are is the past life where you need to discharge some baggage. Finding out what happened to her would explain why I had a nagging, soul reflexion to do nothing but to protect her. She had been murdered our past life, and I would spend the rest of my past life, regretting that I could not have protected her. I took that to my grave, and on into the next life.

There is a teacher of past lives now that teaches that in this life, all he wanted to do was to have lots of kids. From the earliest moment of his life he remembers wanting to have lots of kids. Never knowing the reason, he kept looking for a mate that wanted to have lots of kids. During his past life regression, he found that he had married a woman and the two were in love, yet they couldn't have children. Trying and trying, doctors and whatever, the stress was so much that they split, and he had no children, and that came into this life with him.

He eventually found the woman in this life, and they married and had a child together, which helped him get rid of the his problem, but they eventually split again for different reasons, but he had cured his problem on this plane and life.

My problem with not being able to protect her in her past life has led me to be everybody's big brother. Eight years in the U.S. Navy, not wanting to be the typical sailor with a women in every port, living like chivalry wasn't dead. Today I still open doors for women, I still open their car doors, and don't whine and cry and force them to do things they don't want to do. I feel if they want something, they can have it, it's just not me going to put them out of their way.

I'm sure some women would appreciate that, but it probably makes for a poor date. Anyone that wants excitement or passion in their lives doesn't necessarily look for it by dating their brother, and this is quite possibly why I am getting divorced for my third time.

So was this woman sent here to show me there is a light at the end of the tunnel? Was she sent here so we could be together again? Or, was she sent here to help me get rid of the "big brother" thing and make me a better mate? She certainly has accomplished a couple of things since meeting me. I don't know if she cares if her hair is wet anymore, but she knows why she doesn't like it, from her past life. And she knows that her major soul path is to become dependent upon herself, and I believe she is on her way to accomplishing that.

But the energy this woman and I together can put together, has been able to accomplish at least one healing, while the two of us were 3 hours apart. The energy that the two of us have, put to the right uses, could be a wonderous thing. It's been said that 8000 people, with one vision, could change anything on this planet.

So, never doubt that when something hits you out of no where, that it didn't happen. Look further into what it could be. Figure that if it happened, that there is a reason, and you could have just met your past mate, and maybe even your future mate, or you may just advance one step into your Soul Progession on this plane. You may even find that the love you had for them in the past life, continues on into this one, and could be more whole, than any other one you could find.