Friday, 24 December 2010
The Start
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This seems the most interesting time in life to start writing about an order of Druids. Christmas Eve. Having just purchased hundreds of dollars of stuff to give to kids and adults and parents so that the yearly spend till your broke time is over. Eat turkey, eat till you fall asleep, watch football on TV, and take off till next year.  When someone asks someone to say grace, that's what you get, "Grace", or " over the teeth and through the gums, lookout tummy, here it comes."

The fact that this day brings me to this starting of the writing I've been supposed to do for two years, is probably because of all the work that I've been doing to get to hear the Divine talking to me. Things go right, then for a while, they don't seem to go worth a crap, and then strange things happen again. It seems that when you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing, then everything goes swimmingly. When you stray from the path, look out below.

Durring a session with a past life regression, I was told that I have been a Druid for six lifetimes, and I have always wondered why I knew the things that I dd, and followed the paths that I have.  Most people that have grown up in the Sixties and Seventies seemed to be the hippies that went on their own ways, yet I didn't completely follow that path, and although I've always been close to nature, it wasn't nature or a religion that I was seeking. But during the session that was supposed to be channeling Merlyn the Magician, it came across as something better, but different. I was not talking to a person that lived during a certain age that would make me a better Wizard, but to the voice telling me where I needed to be going.

 The words were, " sit down and write, don't worry about chapters, write them now and arrange them later. This is a writing to go along with a new order of Druids, something with the word "Divine" in it, and this order will help the Christians understand more about themselves as much as Druids who want to learn about themselves."

I guess it couldn't be more strange than to think that Druids and Christians would learn about themselves through this order. Well, the order today is called Divine Order Of Druids, and I guess it is about as clean a name as you can come up with while Divine inspiriation is not exactly helping in a way as was supposed to be. Of course, if I hadn't have been working to open myself up to this form of writing, then I guess I may never have heard these words come to me.

Many people may already be turning this off when I mention that we were channeling Merlyn, but then, this lady wanted to channel Elvis on Halloween, like we were going to get to talk to him at a time when everyone else was channeling him. And of course, he told us so. Imagine being on the other side and being pestered from this world when you're supposed to be resting?

This of course brings us to another thing that may turn people away, and that is talking about reincarnation. This is one of those things that you have to believe, or know, before you can go on any further. I will tell you why in a while, but while I was in this past life regression, the lady doing this basically told me things and I, of course, had to do the work to find out who I really was. As she looked into her crystal ball, she told me things that I wrote down, and it took me a week to actually find it on the computer. Everything she told me was correct, and when I go on with the story, you'll see how eerie it was.

Jeannie told me that I was born to a fairly rich man and woman and that I loved my mother very much. She told me of the wealth of the family, and that she saw me watching and charting the skies, but that I drew maps and might have something to do with the spice trade. She saw that I worked with Galileo's people, but that my father might have something with the spice trade because she saw boats, and that we lived near Amsterdam.

 She saw me working on a globe or sphere of the earth and thought I might have been one of the first to try to tell people that the world was round. She saw me drawing a map of Africa, where she then thought I might be working with my father to speed up the spice trade.  She could see children and printing presses, and many maps, and I could even buy maps that I had drawn then, today. 

So. Go to Google and start to find me. Well, the one thing that helped me was the Galileo reference, so I started with him and ran into a page of the "Galileo Project" that referenced what exactly he was doing and who worked with him. I thought that the cartographer thing would help and discovered three different people that worked with him. Then the research began on those people until, of course, the third one hit everything.

Willem Janszoon Blaeu (9 December 1571, Uitgeest or Alkmaar – 21 October 1638, Amsterdam), also abbreviated to Willem Jansz. Blaeu, was a Dutch cartographer, atlas maker and publisher.

Nova totius terrarum orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabula, Amsterdam 1635
Delft in 1652, by Willem Blaeu

As the son of a well-to-do herring salesman, he was predestined to succeed his father in the trade, but his interests lay more in Mathematics and Astronomy. Between 1594 and 1596 as a student of the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe he qualified as an instrument and globe maker.

Once he returned to the Netherlands, he made country maps and world globes, and as he possessed his own printing works, he was able to regularly produce country maps in an atlas format, some of which appeared in the Atlas Novus published in 1635. In 1633 he was appointed map-maker of the Dutch East India Company. He was also an editor and published the works of Willebrord Snell, Adriaan Metius, Gerhard Johann Vossius and the historian and poet Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft.

He had two sons, Johannes and Cornelis Blaeu, who continued their father's mapmaking and publishing business after his death in 1638. Prints of the family's works are still sold today. Original maps are rare collector items.

One of Blaeu's globes was recently purchased at auction by Maarten Magielse, a Dutch salesman, for the record price of 60.000 euro, about $80.000. Magielse is now renting it to the globe museum in Vienna, where it is exhibited.


So, pretty much everything fell into place except she couldn't understand that even though his father wasn't in the spice trade, he was a fisherman and had boats, and everything happened around Amsterdam. I purchased a map replica from a poster company, so indeed, the works of Willem Blaeu are available for sale today.

Interestingly enough, my name was taken as working on my Wizarding course, and Michael Blue Eagle seems to have found it's color from one life to another. Is there something that would follow you as a name, something that you do, as I joined the Navy at 18, and spent many times charting skies from the time I was 13 years old, doing full horoscopes for friends at school in the seventh grade. I've always known that there is something bigger than us all, and only recently began to know how big it was, and then again, how small we are.

So, if I didn't know about reincarnation, I do now. And there are many more instances of reincarnation that have popped up in my life, and that have run concurrently with my knowledge of such. I have read many books, whether Christian, Metaphysical, or whatever the authors want to have thier books listed under, that deal with the subject, and I believe that at least 68% of the United States, in polls released lately, believe in reincarnation. So, if we voted, and reincarnation wins, then we would have to be able just say that it does exist, and go on with it. So we shall. From now on, I will write as it is so, and explain what goes on from there.

There are books that have been written, about Seth, Jesus, Buddha, and others. One book that I recently found, but haven't read yet came up in discussions on afterlife, and the " Conversations With God" book by Neale Donald Walsch have some interesting things that come up in other books that have been written, mostly that he was told by "God" that he the writer had been reincarnated 613 times, and this was actually 614. This kind of backs up an old Druidic saying,

"I dies as a mineral and became a plant,

I died as a plant and rose to animal,

I dies as an animal and I was man.

Why should I fear? When was I ever less by dying?

Yet once more I shall die as man, to soar

In the Blessed Realm; but even from godhood

I must pass on....



( The Mathnawi )


So from now on, we'll operate on the assumption that reincarnation is, in fact, real, and that you are reincarnated at least once.