It is really amazing what our Divine Spirit does for us in our lifetime. We banty around phrases such as "Divine Intervention", "a path less walked", and "it was placed before you by the Divine". Many feel it is "God that has set his hand to help you" or some such statement as that. What it means is that the Divine Spirit has something to do with your spiritual growth, and that means at times, something is set before you, because of your past trials, that sometimes seems to be too good to be true.

There are times on this pathway of life, that we are subjected to untold misery and pain, and we are to learn a lesson from this. The lesson, if learned, is then instilled into your soul path journey, and if we don't learn the lesson correctly, we are sent back and subjected to the same thing until we learn from our mistakes. Many, when asked if they'd want to change from the pain and agony, continue to go back to the comfort zone of life, because they feel they aren't worthy of great things happening to them. This is another item of your soul path that you should take heed with, because sometimes the Divine gives you a helping hand out of your pain, and gives you exactly what you need in your life. Of course you, having the right of Free Will may wish to reject this, and then you will just go back to what problems you were having anyway.

Let's take the case of "Lady A": She was a young nurse that had just graduated college and was working part time at her local hospital. She was working but feeling that she needed guidance upon her path. So she trekked to a place  2 1/2 hours away from her home to meet a person that could help her. After checking into many different paths, she later decided upon a path that was harder than the rest, yet would allow her to envision, create and become one with the Divine Spirit.

Lady A was from a very restrictive family, and at 24 was still living at home. She was sad, depressed, and very down on herself because of a lack of "love" in her family and upbringing. Oh, there was the familial love, but the love she had felt for anyone in her sheltered existence was less than she'd known, and she was dreaming of when she could and would be happy. As she was brought into her spiritual study, the pull of the Gulf Coast, the learning, teaching, and being around those that could help her was laid before her. Going from few friends to over 30 friends, some that without even meeting her would do amazing things to help her, just because of who she was trying to be. Friends, family, love, a new beginning, all of this was too good to be true.

As she was told to be at a certain place at a certain time to get the job she needed, the house she wanted opened up, everything was falling into place, but it was all too good to be true. So, of course Lady A ended up going to a place that she despised, still looking for the real friends and love that would have been there for her, so despirately did she look for this love, that she overlooked where it would have come from, because of her ego, it was not what she thought it would be. But the perfection offered to her from the Divine Spirit was turned away, and instead of learning the easy way on her soul path, she went back to what she had been suffering before, by herself. Loneliness, lovelessness, continuing to search for something to fill her heart, when it was right there before her the whole time.

Many people in the Christian community would say, "what if Jesus knocked at your door with everything you needed in your life, but you didn't open the door because you didn't recognize him, or you were just too afraid to let go?" Well, in this situation, the end to justify the means was not recognized, and the time was lost. What about Lady A you say? A year later she has had bouts of depression, suicide attempts, drinking to excess, and basically trying to catch what was given to her the first time. But she turned it down, because of fear, and ego, and is now lost until it is time, or she has learned what is actually being given to her from the Divine Spirit.

Lady B was a young lady who had been having a terrible life. She was in pain from IBS so bad that she lay screaming in her bed from pain. She lost her job, dropped out of college, lost her love life, felt like she was alone, and hate filled her body. Then, she decided to quit all of her past, and go on a "Spiritual Journey". This, of course, is when the Divine stepped in and sent her to the place to be healed and enter her "journey".

When she arrived, she was 83 pounds, white ash skin, and her brown eyes sunk into her face. She didn't smile, and hurt to much to stand much. She was amazed at what she could learn and started the journey of learning so that she could help herself. What she found was a sanctuary, a place of healing, and someone that matched her from her astrology chart, to her numerology, to her palmistry. This person was as celibate as she was, and they were perfect despite the obvious differences. But, there were those friends, there was the love, there was something that she had not had before, a home.

After a couple of months, by staying in her sanctuary, she started feeling less hate, although she still had a ways to go, she started feeling better. The pain that had her bedridden for months had pretty much gone away, she was learning how to take care of herself, she started feeling the love that surrounded her, and started feeling the love of herself, until fear and ego took her back. She decided that she was well enough to go back to doing the things that had gotten her into this part of her life, and when she started, left the sanctuary, the feeling of love was convoluted again, the illness came back and she started suffering, and the negative people that held her to her life, came back and made her stay. She decided to go back, and is now trying to decide what happened to her life.

Fear and ego keep many of us in a place we'd rather not be. If these people would actually know in their hearts that they were being helped, shown a better path, being given a better life, do you think fear would have stopped them? The problem is, that we don't know for sure, but what we need to know is that we weren't put on this earth to suffer, be poor, be in pain, not feel love. The Divine Spirit wants us to be happy, and to feel love, to live our lives in magnificence, helping others and being a part of the Great Divine. The Divine wants to to help co-create the Universe, and that's why we are in training.

Many of us see something and wonder, " why is that in my life?" Because we are drawn by instinct that this thing, place or person is in our life for a reason. I, on one hand don't ask why I was picked for this, it is obviously a test of strength for me. There are times where I feel like I have failed, but I only fail in my ego. Because I've never been given a test that was too stressful that I couldn't just keep going. There are times everyday I have to ask to make sure I'm doing something right, or if I'm doing something wrong, and I usually get the answer pretty quick.

Fear and ego is something I fight everyday, but the days and weeks that I don't have that problem, the most wonderful things happen in my life. And just as Jesus and Peter, standing on the water, Peter's fear took over and said he might drown, then his ego sent him into the water. The person that was able to master both, stood tall on top of the water, and yet, still was able to help Peter out of the water and into the boat.

We must work on our fear, and our ego, so that we can do some profound things, so that we can become one with the Divine Spirit, and be the love we are looking for.