As people wander from the Ancient laws and truths, they come to put their ego into everything. This is when the laws and truths get lost. When the teachings of all of the Sages of the lands over the years, melted into the cauldron of ego, what is best for that who is writing, then the laws and truths were lost. So many religions, so many ways to interpret them. This is why, to be an ancient Druid, you had to learn what was before you, and the interpretation, and it was done orally, so as to not get people to decipher what is truth and law. There is only deciphering to those that wish they could go back to another life, or another time.

     There is one Great eternal creator. That is one creative soul, which encapsulates us all. We are part of the Great Spirit, the Divine energy of life. We are part of creation as we are a part of the whole. There is no other, just us, and the Spirit. The Spirit encompases all. If we look at this, we will see that the person next to us is so much ourselves, the dogs we feed and move out of the way as if they weren't a soul in a body. The trees that we cut down, the soul that flows out of the dead body to be reunited on the other side. The soul of the trees and flowers, of dogs and iguanas, of the fish and plankton and air that we breathe.

     There is one Spirit, and that Spirit is us. The electricity, the flow, the following of the string that attaches to our souls through our crown chakra, the One Eternal everything, is part of us. There is no having to die to find it, it is here. We cannot hide as we are a part of it, we cannot believe that we can do one thing and then change later so that we will be welcomed into someplace that is better, we are here, better if we make it so, we are alive, and this is the inception of our lives and soul journey.

     There is no one waiting on the other side that will do anything other than point us to Karma School. No Hell, nobody sitting there waiting for you because you lived outside of what is normally accepted by others of a formal path. Our soul will live on way after our bodies are dead, and we will take that time of respite and become something else for our soul to grow to. We will be able to right our wrongs, and move toward assension that all are looking for. We will learn what we need to learn on this path, and be graded later. If, for some reason we fail, we'll be shown the error of our ways, and then sent back to try it again. We will eventually learn the laws and the truth, and hopefully, without ego in the teachings, we will ascend to the hights of light that we as a soul entitiy would strive for.

     Ancient laws and the truth. This is what we are striving for on this plane.  They are easy to follow, and harder to make work, yet, this is what we are here for. When our soul picked it's time of birth, so that the alignment of the stars would help us on our travel, and our parents that we picked would give us the things that we need to learn on our journey, we knew what it was that we needed to learn. We needed something in this life time and this is why we are here. You can complain about everything, or you can look at yourself and see what you gave yourself in the draw to get you where you needed to be.