This great question has been asked by humanity for ages. "Is there a God?"  From the viewpoint of many a religion, it is faith that allows someone to feel, or believe that there is a God. Divinity, The Great Spirit, whoever is the Godhead, or the Universe is always accepted by faith. But most humans are not satisfied with believing on faith, as shows in the great multitudes of religions, and the breaking away from one to form another. Not everyone wants to believe, or have faith in God. No, they want proof of the existence, and most, because they cannot hear, see, or touch Divinity, do not believe that there is one.

Therefore, it again is left to Science to research the matter and answer this age old question and come up with an answer that will quell the rational minds of the human being, and Science has done an admirable job with the problem. Now, if human beings will listen. Scientists have agreed that there is a Primal Energy that inhabits all of space in the universe.