As I looked back at the date of my last post, I thought that I'm not doing a very good job at keeping the website up, or in writing my book that I have been tasked with. I spend a lot of time doing things that I probably shouldn't be doing, trying to do one thing or another, but I seem to have forgotten that I was tasked to write this book. The ominous words, to bring the Christianity closer to the world. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I'm guessing that from my teachings of Druidry, that Christianity has gone on a wrong path.
    As I watch the new pope, I wonder if maybe he did his studies and isn't afraid to let everyone know that this Christian thing may not be what it's supposed to have been. After all, Jesus wasn't a Christian, so if you are going to follow one, you should act like one. I don't know that pissing off Christians is exactly what I intend to do, but sometimes you could call it tough love. I love Christians, as much as I love everyone. I don't have an agenda to make everyone feel like they have to believe me, I speak my own truth. Although as many people don't really want to believe that I am speaking MY truth, not the truth that they want to hear, and have decided to keep from being around me because I may hurt their feelings, I am speaking the truth that I know.

    I was told by a psychic who was channeling for me, that I had been a Druid six life times before. This sort of ran to me as I was studying Shamanism for 14 years before a tree told me to Google "Celtic Shamanism". This is probably where I decided that Druid was who I was. Now mind you, there are different Druid organizations on this planet. All profess to be "proud pagans", but each element is it's own, and I'm not sure how each one can be so different and be the same name. But then I look at Christianity, which started out as the Church of Rome, and split and split due to egos of the people in charge of the church. I look at Druidry the same way.
    If we look at Druids being the "Priests of Atlantis", and that was some 15,000 years ago, and the teachings of Plato are close, the stories that you find in Druidry point to that era, but not much else. Of course there are no one writing about Druids, they were an oral tradition, and when you go out purposely to kill everyone in a white robe, you destroy a library. It is said that it took 20 years for Druids to learn their 10,000 phrases, poems, stories and songs. This, the use of the earth to heal, the learning of stars for guidance, the learning of Sacred Geometry, and probably from that, someone started writing with letters, anytime, anywhere. The Ogham was supposedly the letters of some Druids, so I'm not sure why the other alphabets couldn't be the same of some other people smarter than the masses. It seems that so much was accomplished by one order, yet not a religion.

    Not a religion is the part that I got from watching and reading the non-history of the Druids. Druids traveled around to heal the sick, teach, and be used as law, holding ceremonies, and anything that was needed, but the people doing this was the religion. The people using the religion were not bound to the religion. They were not bound to the person. They were not Druids. So, if you were to take a census of how many people were Druids over the years, until the 1500's, it wouldn't be very many.

    Druids were basically an oral tradition, possibly the best of the Bards were those that traveled from town to town, telling the local citizenry of the goings on of other and neighboring towns. These people were the ones that might have made notes, learned stories so they could repeat them word for word, and that would be the best that they could be taught. How to remember and relate things to the people. This was what they were, not a religion, although many people thought and used them for such. Druids also taught in parables, and therefore, were always thinking. Parables were the way to get the citizenry to think for themselves, not to just be told what to think.

    My thoughts on parables have brought some of my ideas on the Holy Bible, and upon why it was written the way that it was, and who actually wrote it. I was more intrigued with triads the day a friend of mine walked into my shoppe and handed me a note in her handwriting. It was three verses, in three lines.........a parable, a triad. I asked her where she got this, because she wouldn't know what she was writting or why, and she said that my grandfather who had passed in 1987, came to her and told her to write it down for me. It was amazing. I looked at it, and at first started crying because it was something coming to me from the other side. Next, because it was in Druid triads. And thirdly, because it told me of thinking about me at this particular time, and my friend had no idea what I was thinking.

    I had been a Druid six lifetimes before, and this was my validation to myself, that this was now, who I was. The thoughts, the tree, and then a psychic who told me to write a book. Now I have written before in very simple terms what I have thought about Christianity and all of the groups of Druids. I find it strange that the Catholic Church has had to address this on various occasions, and in 1616, Pope Paul V decided that the Bible was to be a literal translation, and just recently as 2013, Pope Benedict has said the the Bible should not be taken literally. This, of course, has set a fire under those that think that they have the franchise on interpreting a book that the majority of people don't read because it causes such a negative life if read literally.

    Fire and brimstone, threat of not doing what the "Word of the Lord" tell you to do. You are born of "original sin" therefore you are condemned the rest of your life and will go to hell because of it. What kind of crap is that? We know that the Church of Rome was put together, not as a religion per say, but as a way of controlling people so that the Senate did not have to take up such trivial problems such as women preaching celibacy. Why, Constantin asked, would the Senate pass laws and take up their time of such other items of state, when a religion would take care of all of the other little things that were wanted by the State. So there. The Bible was put together to control people, and to control people, you have to tell them to do something and have them so scared that something negative will happen, that they will do whatever your church tells them to do. The stories of Jesus, written by Druids, the religion that wasn't religion? The Jesus you watch and read about walked around teaching people to love one another, help one another, don't listen to those that will enslave your mind, body or soul. And the actual thing he died over, if we want to look at anything that should have been a bright as a sun before our eyes, don't let the central bank and bankers and money lenders cause you strife.

    What did the story of Jesus actually tell you about literally? He went to the synagoge and flipped the bankers tables. The central bank, the major merchants that ripped off the people is where he went. And he was killed for it. So, here we have a story that could be looked at over and over, just in America. Many of the Presidents, or people wanting to be President have been assassinated because of trying to get rid of the Central bank, or Federal Reserve. Garfield, shot. Lincoln, Shot. Kennedy, shot, Robert Kennedy, shot. Anyone trying to get rid of the major merchants like Monsanto that are trying to take over the world's food supply, the Federal Reserve that charges interest on it's money while it prints so much that it is worthless now. Jesus would return and burn the bankers, and Monsantos and Big Oil and Big Pharma. This is what Jesus was trying to teach you. How to take care of yourself and do not let this crap happen to you. So, when the actual story of love was put into something that you couldn't tell it because the "Church" read the Bible to you, told you what to think, that the "One True Church" was actually attempting to get you to do what you were going to do, and don't you dare pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

    So, where are we now? The Pope now is backtracking, defrocking over 600 priests accused of molesting children. This Pope is going back to reading the Bible as it is, not number to number, but as a whole work. The true word of God should be the story, and you should think of the story, and come to your own conclusion. You should not have someone tell you what to think, you should not have the wool pulled over your eyes and live as a sheep. You were given a life to live, you were not put here to be subserviant to those that you serve, you were sent here to help others, to love one another, to love everyone, help everyone that needs it that you can, and to live in harmony with a planet with so many great things, blue skies, stars, mountains, streams, water land, rock, people in every different size and color. What a cornicopia of love and beauty we have been given, and we have to muck it up by allowing our ego to destroy what someone else has, whether it is personal, love, cars, houses, families, money, whatever. We can't be happy for them, we have to pull them down like we are box of crabs.

    Jesus taught something more powerful than to be afraid of God, or him. Jesus taught that we were one with the planet, and everything and everyone on it, and that we should enjoy it. Are you enjoying it?