l     I work with many people, daily, that suffer from some affliction or another. Most of the Earthly pain and suffering is basically brought about by ourselves. First, we start feeling the effects of what we are told, and it vibrates within our minds. Just the process of pain and suffering is being thought of in hero proportions, and I'm afraid that those that are sick and dying now get the idea that they are heroes, and that being sick, or dying is some sort of heroic thing. Something to be written about in a novel where you lay your head down and you are the hero............dead........but a hero.

     I see many people that seem to think they have time, or that they don't really want to change a lifestyle that is going to kill them. Lazy people abound, and it's not that they can't get help, they just don't want to do the work and would rather lay there watching TV and playing X box, rather than walking for 30 minutes, or eating correctly. Forbid giving up a soda or cake. I'm not sure exactly where the line should be drawn, but this is where Druidry has seemed to draw the line.

     As I studied Druids, even watching the travels of that Druid Priest, Iesus, who went on about their lives until they were asked. Asked by someone to help, whether it was to heal, or teach, or help, with just anything, and they then turned their ideas to whatever was asked. I was told a couple of things in training. Never have more than one apprentice, per category, per sexes. Or never have more than one male and female bard, etc. Never go looking for something to fix, let it come to you and then do your best. And when someone needs something, healing, teaching, if they ask, then you do it. It doesn't matter who they are because if they've asked, it could be a Universal test of either of you.

    I've had Bards that haven't gotten out of the fifth chapter of the book that I use for teaching. Most actually. The one that I did have completed the whole first course, and I believe that she just wanted to do it because no one else had. She really didn't learn anything, she just read, passed the test, and said, "I'm the only one to get this far". She ended up failing as well. My last apprentice asked me, and I had almost sworn to never have another, but............she asked, and it was my job to teach her.

    My friend has told me that I should change my stance on teaching and make it more fun, make it more interesting, make it worth them learning. So, I went to the Adept stage first with this one. It seems everyone is more interested in herbology and healing than they are with poetry and music lessons, so I started her on healing. We went straight to all of the stuff that many people only read about in books. And lucky for me, she learned quickly. All the way up to being in a hospital and having the doctor call her a "little shaman girl". Not bad for a few months, but again, I didn't see what could be wrong, except in my mind, I needed to make sure these people studying Druidry were worthy of possessing such knowledge, and the Bardic way at first would be the best way to study, learn, and for me to decide whether they needed to advance. Moving right into walking into other dimensions and transporting souls is usually stuff you need to work into, not be shown how to cure cancer in the hospital room when you aren't 50 miles from the place.

    As a healer, I try not to find people to heal, I let them come to me. I'm guessing that's where I'm setting myself up for failure, because many people walk in the door saying "the lord sent me to you", or "you were listed first on Google". I know why they are there, because I'm not first on Google. The girl that told me that, I told her to go type that in again, and she couldn't even find me the second time. So, the first person is probably closest. Sent by Divine Spirit. So, I sit in my shoppe and wait to heal people. I don't go looking them up.

   This way of healing, of course, doesn't keep me busy, but I do get to work with a lot of people. Cleaning and clearing disease is fairly simple, and even when I have to resort to other world ideas, it is still fairly simple. The foods that we eat, the things that we drink, the stuff that we do, and what's being done to us by our government is just genocide. The "scientists" are trying to show how much better they can do things. We don't need no Divine presence. I just read the other day where scientists have discovered how to make a leaf emit oxygen. Amazing stuff. Uh, it's already been done, how about not cutting them all down then we could breathe. Another thing I can't understand. Humans give off CO2 and inhale oxygen. Trees inhale CO2 and give off oxygen. Perfect combination. Except for the part about cutting down all the trees causing Global Warming and us not being about to breathe.

   This is the way we live our lives though. Cancer can be cured. It is everyday by people that know less than second year doctors. Lupus is curable, Fibromyalgia takes maybe 5 days. I would love for somebody rich and famous with a problem to come to me so that I could help them. So Robin Williams had Parkinson's, so does Michael J. Fox. One of them is dead, the other is looking for the cure...........or is he? I'd like Michael J. Fox to walk through my door so I could work with him on Parkinson's. I am a healer, I can do this. Now the question is...............does Michael J. Fox really want to get well. This again is me going after someone like an ambulance chaser.

   Steve Gleason has ALS. As an ex football hero of the New Orleans Saints, he gets a lot of publicity. He has pledged to work with the ALS organization to "find a cure".  Uh, it already has been treated for like 5000 years in Chinese Medicine, but of course to our Western God like scientist creator people, it's incurable. So, since all of the doctors and scientists have told him that at this point it's incurable, he probably wouldn't listen to me. He'd have to listen to God tell him himself I'm guessing. I was looking at all of his sponsors that are going to help him on his quest, and there was J.P. Morgan. Yea, I thought. They'll be there just to the point that somebody is going to make a break through and shut it down before it gets to big. There is too much money to be made off of ALS and all that can be done with it to actually cure anyone with it.

    If we all remember J.P. Morgan was actually the guy that funded both Tesla and Edison. Tesla gave Edison the lightbulb while the two worked together. Then, when Tesla discovered free energy and wanted to give it away, Morgan shut him down and funded Edison fully because Edison wanted to charge for electricity. So just the fact that Morgan is on that sign with Steve Gleason lets me know that as long as he tries, and as much money as he makes, Morgan will keep track of it for hima..............and ALS will never be cured in Gleason's lifetime.

    So, when do you think people will want to learn for themselves, not for those around them? When will people want to be well instead of "heroes"?  Why, when someone is sick do we all gather around and make them feel special for being sick? Does this actually make sick people want to get better? I don't think this is a help at all. When everyone makes a big deal out of you because something is wrong with you, then you really don't think getting well is a priority. When people get a disability check now, they don't have to work. They get paid to be disabled. It's the new American dream. Welfare, Disability, Food Stamps, and Meicaid. All entitlements for people that don't care if they are well, or not.

    I am a healer. I heal people. I am a chakra tuner and can tune chakras. I am a Druid Priest, a Celtic Shaman, and I am a teacher. When you walk through the door and ask...........I will help you. When you are ready to get well, I will heal you. When you are ready to learn, I will teach you. But, you actually have to want to do that or you'll never get to the end of what it is that you want.