My apprentice is learning quite alot lately. The fact that he is already in touch with the other side makes it easier for him to learn. I just tuned his Chakras to perfect, show him the door to the candy store, make sure he's on the right path, then let out the line and let him fly. While he was doing some work a while ago, he was being tutored by spirit. When he asked what I was supposed to do, the answer was " he is the teacher, but he's forgotten something."

     Well it's hard to be schooled by the other side, but I wasn't angry as I was wondering what it was that I had forgotten. There are many things that you can forget when you are learning so much. I've learned that the more you learn, the more you have to decide what you need to do, and that to do everything you've learned, takes more minutes in the day than you have. How to make this easier? It reminds me of watching "The Secret". I learned a little, but it didn't work. Then I found Joe Vitale's course, " The Missisng Secret". Of course there was something didn't work. So, I bought that, then "The Abundance Factor". You know, as much as I tried to get my Secret going, it seemed like all I did was stay the same. Then I read "The Magic", by Rhonda Byrne, the author of "The Secret". It was amazing and I learned a lot in 30 days of gratitude, but still no "Secret".

     There was a point in my life while reading one of Joe Vitale's books, that I came across his teaching of Hoi pono pono. It is an Hawaiian Shamanism work for getting your life right. As he tells it, the Divine is this big white board and we have all this negativity that we have to clean off to get to the Divine and get our communication together. If there is no clear way to the Divine, our "Law of Attraction" will never work. So, I was doing the hoi pono pono, and it seemed like my life actually took a turn for the better. Of course after a couple of months of listening for two hours a day, cleaning and clearing everything I could, and forgetting it, my life seemed to go back the way it was.

     Now it's not to say that my life didn't change for the better. My beautiful young fiance decided that after I closed my shoppe that all the "magic" had gone out of our relationship and I was just another unemployed boyfriend with no car. So, I went back to my house where the shoppe had been, and opened it again. Not making much money, I had to take on another job. A job that I had held for some 30 years, but one I found quickly had bypassed me. Not only was my sight not as good as it could have been, but 12 years of working for myself had taken their toll on someone that now had to stand on a line and work for a living. There were some things that I was going to have to deal with.

     Of course my shoppe going broke and closing another company that I had for 12 years all together seemed to show me that something was changing, but what exactly was it? So, I'm looking though self help stuff, going over the things that I had learned before when, Joe Viale had another course, and for only $47 I could get it. Well, I've already done his courses and I'm single, broke, working in food service again, so I'm not sure what I missed spending hundreds of dollars on his other courses, but I was going to do this, I knew that the Divine Universe had a plan. And of course it could have cost a lot more.

     I got Joe Vitale's "Secret Mirror", and with it the "Zero Limits" course that I didn't have to buy. So now I was probably going to be the most up to date Joe Vitale expert in the world. And to think that I had already seen "The Secret", in which he was in, but bought two of his courses, and now had unwittingly purchased two more. Well I started working with the material and there it was. Zero Limits was about hoi pono pono. You know when you get something and it works, you don't stop. But when everything starts working, you start stopping all the things that got you there. So was using hoi pono pono.

     So it's not that hard to forget something, but I was wondering exactly what I had forgotten?

     I thought about it, was it something that I did that I quit doing, was it something I was supposed to do? And then, looking through new websites that I was building, I came across this one. The one that I was supposed to be writing a book. Write chapters and don't worry about what order they are in, just write. When you don't know what to write, don't worry, just type. The words will come to you. Your job, actually written down in three pages of channeling by a medium was, write a book that brings all of the religions to one. Make them something that people can believe in. Bring Druidry and Christianity together so that the fighting will stop. Make the religion about yourself, not dogma. Teach them the way.

     Well Jesus taught the way, and if you believe that the Universe wants you to see something, it will get you right in line with it. And so with me. Books came across my desk and some I just didn't feel were right. Some books were so right I tingled while reading them. It was like the tree telling me to Google celtic shamanism and getting a book by D.J. Conway. Only after I found the author wasn't very attentive to detail, and the good old college try to making sure that Druidry and Shamanism were'nt the same fell short, did I actually find my path. I read the book, and it just made it all the more clear that Druidry was Celtic Shamanism. This, the first thing told to me by a tree.

     So, I had forgotten to write. I had to find a lot of stuff out, but so many differnet authors were finding things and writing them, but they all didn't neccesarily fit together. This is what I'm going to attempt to do. Now that I haven't forgotten anymore, I'll turn on my 30 minutes of Joe Vitale reciting " I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you", and write. This way I won't have forgotten two things.