Many people today do not understand much about Druidry, and within the past week I actually saw that someone wanted to write a book on what it means to be a Druid. My thoughts are that just in America, there are seven different organizations and each one is based upon someone else's point of view.

We notice that Ancient Druidry is talked about around the time of 62 BCE when Julius Caesar wrote a bit about priests that practiced human sacrifice. Well, maybe some did, and maybe it was a social campaign to get people that were not of Roman thought to abandon the Druid teachings. As far as I've read, and the way the people now come up with names and what they mean, it if very easy to trace Druids way back to where you could find them as Priests of Atlantis. That is the term for them in Plato times, so why would he say something so matter of factly, if he wasn't sure of it himself.

We take a lot of things about the ancient Druids as something that we can pass off as knowledge, but we don't really listen to the words we speak, or even wonder why those words were ever mentioned. Why can on religious organization be based upon the words of one man, and other organizations trash them by stating that the person was making up something to make him more important. If this were going to happen, then a lot of folks could be pointing fingers at everyone else. Isn't half the Bible written upon a dream and prophesy of one man? Isn't the idea of hell and all it's adjoining parts a story of a man having a dream, and then sensationalized to make man over the world fear this fictional event because it was so powerful that the church actually adopted it without telling anyone?

What about ancient Druidry? What about what it means today?

I saw a comment on the section that basically was talking about the difference between Druidry and Wicca. His concept is that Druids tend to do more work from within, whereas, Wiccans tend to draw on things from without us to help with what we are trying to accomplish. This, I believe, is point blank on. Druids don't tend to do a lot of magick, ritual, whatever, as they do things all day long and live it. There is no need to have a separate room in your house, a bunch of tools and a robe, they just need a tree or a lake or an ocean.

The Divine Order of Druids takes the idea that Druids were more spiritual counselors to the people that they dealt with, attempting to get the charges lives, right. Right thinking permeates through all of the spiritual paths, even Christianity, and yet, people still go outside, just as Wiccans do, to get what they need. Even in the Holy Bible, you hear a glance over of what it is. If you know anything about ancient Druidry, the kind where in the old days it took a lot of work, you see this going over and over in the story of Jesus.

How about a boy, that was taken away at age 12, and gone almost 20 years, and coming back wearing a white robe to do his "ministry". What about, "oh, Jesus taught in parables". Uh, well. It seems to me that Jesus went to England, learned Druidry to the point where he build a building of almost perfect sacred geometry, then married one of the Druidesses (Mary Magdelene) who had come from France to learn, then went back upon his becoming a priest to teach the folks of his homeland.

Well it would be a concept of Jesus to be a real Druid, wearing a white robe and teaching in parables and all. I mean, let's look at what Jesus taught, and see if ancient Druidry isn't involved. When Jesus walked out to the boat to catch up with his men, I can see him just going on his way. He wasn't showing off, just traveling the best way he knew. When Peter wanted to tell him he couldn't do it, Jesus showed Peter, in a teacher sort of way, and Peter fell in after standing there for a while. Yes, he was there, but he slipped. And the first thing out of Jesus' mouth? "oh ye of little faith". So was Jesus telling him that all he had to have was faith to walk on water as he did?

Jesus tells another person that all you have to do is have enough faith to fill a mustard seed, and you can move mountains. What exactly does that mean anyway? Who would want to move a mountain? I would think maybe the mother who runs out and picks up a vehicle off of her child would want to know that, and maybe already knew it before they attempted it. How many times has fate raised it's ugly head and someone has "had faith" that they could do the impossible? But what does the teachings of Jesus have to do with Druidry? It is Druidry. Which brings me to "The Secret". In a way, Druids have always taught a thing called "The Way". I believe today it is called "The Secret". Even the pictures of the movie show ancient times where the secret was hidden. But why would that be Druidry?

The Secret teaches us that we live in a Matrix and can make things happen by visualizing with passion, and you can manifest anything that you want. Oh, that's magick? Visualize you want to make a million dollars, and the Divine makes it happen? What exactly is magick anyway, but the intention of the person doing the work, to make change. And what better way than to let people know that we are magickal beings and can do whatever we want as long as we are making change. How about that we are children of the Divine Spirit and we weren't put here to suffer, but to learn, that we have things that we have chosen on the course of our soul path, and that doesn't mean that we have to suffer, but that the Divine has given us beauty, love, abundance, and health, and if we get in touch with it, we can do whatever we really want. That folks is the ancient Druidry of Poseidon as he walked among the people of Atlantis, made them use gold for building roads and buildings, and told people that you can do anything you set your mind too. That is Druidry.