Our soul path is pretty amazing. It starts long before this life, and advances over many lifetimes. In the book, " Conversations With God ", the writer asks "God", how many times has he reincarnated. "God" says that it's not really reincarnation as your soul path stays in tact, it's the leaves, or our bodies, that die and fall away, and just like a tree, the next time you get more bark, more leaves, and maybe some more acorns to propagate the species.

As we pick our next life, we pick the time of our birth so that we will never be lost, our hands tell our story of our life as we are supposed to live it. Our numerology keeps us in the loop as well, and we have our intuition, that when honed, helps us immeasurably. All of this and we pick our parents. So, why do we get all of this if we're just going to live this life?

We are here to evolve and to become the perfection of the Divine Spirit. We pick our own body to go along with what we are supposed to be learning. The first thing out of consciousness is that we have to learn to live with what we picked. Well, you did pick it, to learn with. What if in past incarnations you didn't have gratitude enough for the body you had, may this time you were born different, to learn how to live this way. Of course your incarnation is not supposed to be anything but a learning tool, and this is how you should be looking at life, not as a rat race, or something that is supposed to be planned out to live somebody else's way of what they think you should live. On the contrary, it's your life, it does not belong to anyone else.

You pick your body, so maybe you got a great one, and if you are a woman, maybe every guy you meet wants to hit on you, talk you up, or whatever may be the case? But what if your body is just where they stop? How are you going to find truth? How are you going to know that someone likes or loves you for you, not that body. And remember the tale of the man that looked absolutely beautiful, and all the women wanted him, but he didn't care for any of them? What is it that you are supposed to learn?

You know, if it was just a body, your tour here on Earth may be short lived, or you'd master on thing and then move on. It is especially hard when we're stuck here in consciousness. This means that we have trouble looking through the breath of the dragon you might say. Let's say you have a smoking hot body, and people of both sexes are after you, but maybe you don't care for relationships. What do you think you are supposed to be learning? What if besides that you had a couple of body and health disorders that could severely limit your quality of life later? What if the parents you chose did everything that they could to keep you off of your path, basically trying to scare you straight, only to add to the things that you already have going against you? Well, they are all here, available to help you learn.

You may be asking yourself why anyone would pick things to make them miserable in a new life before it's already started, and the answer is; you didn't pick this to make your life easy, you picked it to learn. You are learning that your soul path is yours directly, and you should pick and choose on this path, who and what you need to get to the end of your path in the way that you chose before you were born. Consciousness, however, is instilled in you to make sure you have even more problems than you normally would.

Let's imagine you were born to parents that did you no favors on your path. Maybe one was gone and the other basically used you for your whole life, was there, but was really absent. This is for you to learn how to be strong and work towards the end of the soul path, so that you may grow spiritually. Actually you would have many things to learn during this time, and the Divine would be taking care of you so that you wouldn't have to do too much in the way of going backwards or hurting yourself. Now I use the term "hurting yourself", not as in your body, because we already know that the body is insignificant in the realm that we are in when we are not conscious, so the hurt of this body is only to direct us in this life path. Hurt in feeling, pain in our own bodies, the hurt of loneliness or of sorrow,. This, we are to learn, but this is not how we're supposed to stay. Our job is to battle consciousness, and all that is thrown at us, and learn for our soul path, not just this life. If we look at the big picture, it is the growth of our soul, not the body that could be number 618 in a list of many.

So, our parents do their best to do what it is that they do. Scare us into believing what they believe, teaching us how to stay in the fish bowl and do the things that other fish in the school do. If they do their jobs, and are not enlightened enough to help you, you may be an extreme mess when you get away from them. They will tell you how proud they are of you, and you will be playing the game of life, but you will NOT be helping yourself one bit. And of course when it's all said and done, if you follow their lead, and do what you're taught, then you may set your life living back years.

If per chance you are out of the parents nest, and find yourself living the way that you want, but are still afraid that they may not approve, the chances are that the Divine Spirit is helping you to escape the path that they have planned for you. Let's say they sent you to a church that you don't believe in, a religion you couldn't connect with, shamed you into feelings of guilt, afraid that whatever you did by yourself, that they would abandon you when you did them, tried to live your life they way they wanted you to, that you would burn your bridges and they wouldn't love you anymore, and this frightens you until you turn off everything in your life that you are supposed to be living, loving and wanting, then, they have won, you are not on your soul path, but on the path they steered you to, and you have lost the fight, lost the war, and until the next battle is to be fought, you will suffer one way or another.

You may think I'm maybe to harsh on your parents, but that's why you picked them. I per chance you are well adjusted, have full support of your life from your parents on anything endeavor that you may try to achieve, applaud yourself. You are a well adjusted individual with full support of your parents and they are to be commended for bringing you into the world and setting you upon your path, allowing you to learn at your own pace, but making sure you stay in the light of the Divine. So, you are not afraid of anything, let alone that they won't support you and you're not afraid of burning bridges with them, and you are embarked on living now, not tomorrow, and you have learned love, compassion, truth, respect and responsibility. Good for you. I'm betting this isn't you, and your parents did a good job of keeping the blinders on, and you are scared of them, and of yourself. They did a good job, and you haven't learned a thing.

So many will think, oh, but I love my parents and I would do anything to keep from hurting them. Well, here's an interesting thing. This is your soul path, not theirs. You are supposed to be learning from them, and technically, after you came out of the womb, your mother's job was pretty much over. If you allowed them to sway you to inaction, hiding from yourself, afraid of who you are, not trusting yourself or anyone else, basically, you've lost the battle.

I think when I started doing horoscopes at the age of 13, that I learned quite a bit about myself. First it said that my father would probably leave at an early age. Check, 10 years old. When you see things like this in your horoscope, and I don't mean the ones that come out of the daily news paper, that something is there to tell you something that is bigger than probably what your parents tried to get you to do. Take some time, look about, see if you aren't a product of your parents upbringing. Are you yourself? Are you free to do as you please, or are you looking over your shoulder. Are you doing things away from your parents that you know they wouldn't approve of, but not letting them know that THIS is who you are. Are you so stuck in the rut that you can't even be pulled out by love, the Divine Spirit, or anything else known to the Universe. This is pretty bad, you are losing you, you are losing the battle, and until you can actually accept the fact that you are losing, you won't be able to do anything about it.

Your soul path is a way for you to experience life, good and bad, and learn the most that you can in this life incarnation. You will only learn through hard, lonely time, if you allow it too. Has the Divine done something for you to help you learn, keep your health, teach you love? This is your path, and you have to allow yourself to learn it, and accept it. Your path is all that is important, and the other things that come from teachings of others, the way that you feel, is from outside sources, not from your heart, not from Divine intention, not from anywhere that is going to help you. Look inside of yourself to the light within. Ask it, and yourself if your life is what you are supposed to do. Look at your natal chart, read your palms, discover your numerology. Find out why you're here, then learn how to deal with it. That is, in a nutshell, why you're here anyway.......to learn how to deal with it.